Black Owned Business Directory

Looking for a DJ, local photographer, restaurant, financial professional, beauty services, apparel & more in our state? Please utilize the drop-down on the 'Business Directory" tab of of our website to check out a list of local creators, today! The list is being updated regularly, so if there is a business we may have missed, let us know!

The Purpose

Our purpose is to highlight black-owned businesses within our state. This is not meant to be exclusionary-- but rather inspirational. For far too long, under serviced and underdeveloped black communities have been left out of the picture when it comes to deciding where to spend our dollars. Whether it be limited access to resources such as technology, or limited funds to advertise and market great ideas. This intranet is meant to bring black entrepreneurs a voice-- an even playing field. It's meant to help bridge the gap with economic disparities that exist, and build a brighter, better future for black America. Until every voice has an equal opportunity, the black community will never know their worth.

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Want to be featured?

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