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Black Owned CT began with an urge to connect businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs of color in our state. Each day we work towards healing our bodies, our minds, and the deep, unique pain that exists within the Black community as a result of systemic oppression. We work towards this with one another and with our allies to create a supportive network. We promote greater access to education and resources by connecting through the use of technology. We hold a commitment to inclusivity and respect all human beings regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, disability, or religion. We exist to help change the narrative around what being a Black citizen looks like, feels like, and sounds like. It is time to highlight the rich culture and diversity that America has to offer, starting with our local communities and expanding outward. It is our duty to UPLIFT one another, so that we can  be stronger, together.

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Bilal Afolabi, ChFC

“Our team assist clients in living a financially stress free life.”


Nadine Tracey & Staff, Island Spice


The Black community has long been divided and broken. It’s time to change that. It’s time to fight for our true freedom — mentally and financially. That change starts here. We strive to build and nurture a community through working towards restoring peace, love, and healing. Our goal is to proactively find ways to do this as we grow.  It is our hope that we can create a Black Owned CT community that fosters creativity, understanding, and learning through open forum meetings to discuss how we as a community can work towards that.By connecting technology, resources, and the arts, we CAN.


Together—change begins now.


Shaylayn, Owner of Shaylaryn Boutique

Instagram: @shaylaryn


Desiree Panther, Owner of Posh Gals

Instagram: @poshgals







Meet the Team

Christian Tracey

Founder / Director
Email: info@blackownedct.com


Erik Ofgang 

Blog Writer

Theresa Mautner


Gregory Thomas

Data Entry

Anthony White

Data Entry

Liza Maizel

Data Entry

Diane Soto

Financial Anaylst